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What is PRP Bio-Filler?

Bio-filler is a ground-breaking regenerative procedure that uses plasma gel to restore youthfulness to the face and lips. It uses a gel derived from your own blood, helping to eliminate any risk of having side-effects.  Bio-filler is a great option for those that have an autoimmune disorder, or people who suffer from allergies. However, any one can utilize this option for filler. The viscous plasma gel adds plumpness to areas that are volume deficient and gives natural hydration to a lip augmentation.

The PRP Bio-Filler can be used to:

  • Adds volume and smooths out deep creases

  • Cheek enhancement

  • Rejuvenating tear troughs 

  • Enhancing shallow contours

How does PRP Bio-Filler work?

Bio-filler is known as an “autologous aesthetic procedure” – which involves using the patient’s blood. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet poor plasma (PPP) are extracted and mixed into a viscous gel which is then used to inject as a filler. PRP is filled with growth factors contributing to new cell proliferation and restoration in pigment.

How long does PRP Bio-Filler last?

 After receiving a PRP Bio Filler treatment, results can last up to 3-6 months and is dependent on how ones body metabolizes the filler. Over time the PRP Bio Filler will naturally be absorbed in the body. 



PRP Bio Filler Tear Trough

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