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IV Infusion

Is time a constraint preventing you from providing and nourishing yourself optimally? Do you enjoy knowing you are taking the best care of you that you can? IV infusion provided by The Better You MedSpa can be of service. IV Infusion is a fast acting and effective means of hydrating one’s body while providing vitamins, amino acids, other nutrients, and minerals. The process of IV infusion includes delivering fluids directly into the bloodstream optimizing one’s hydration status without adding stress to the digestive system. IV Infusion can target various concerns to shift us from feeling okay to better. Here at The Better You MedSpa we have different infusions to support your hydration needs. These include infusions to refresh and destress, target immunity, boost beauty, and energy level. Each IV infusion is formulated for the client specifically to meet their personal needs.  Please contact the provider directly for your customized Bag. 

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