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 Lipotropic Shots aka "Skinny Shots"

A better you might mean a different weight, if so The Better You MedSpa is here to help! As a part of a weight loss program this shot is to supports the liver and gallbladder in breaking down and decreasing fat deposits. This enables and accelerates the metabolism of fat and its removal. Lipotropic injections will always contain the following substances. Methionine is an essential amino acid that aids in metabolism health and fat removal.  Inositol is natural sugar that contributes to fat burning and improves the insulin function. Choline is in the  B6 and B12 family and , contributes to the lipid metabolism, finally Vitamin B12 provides an energy boost and improves nerve and blood cell functions. The compounds included in this injection. For optimal results, Lipotropic Injection is best used in conjunction with a balance diet and exercise. 

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